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Garaj Sepeti

Buying and selling used car is difficult for all stakeholders.

We empower both buyers and sellers to perform more trustful & convenient used car trade transactions with the power of technology and big data.

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Garaj Sepeti
Garaj Sepeti

The online marketplace is used by thousands of car dealers. Dealers supply inspected second-hand cars as well as run accident history, selling, pricing, insurance, credit, and more modules.

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Leading online marketplace used by millions of individuals every month to buy and sell second hand cars as well as related services

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Auto marketplace presenting mobility solutions in addition to car buying and selling methods

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Data platform offering unique decision making solutions to industry stakeholders. Car Valuation, Acciden History, Car Features Catalogue and more

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Garaj Galeri

What Garaj Sepeti employees said?

I can describe working at Garaj Sepeti as feeling the happiness of the success with taking all responsibilities where I feel pleasure to be part of a friendly atmosphere

Can Yener

Chief Product Officer

Working at Garaj Sepeti is like being with the people who give importance to knowledge and experience and being where it can be realized the things which I believe it is right to do.

Melike Arslan Uğur

CEO Office Manager

I can say about Garaj Sepeti that it is a privilege to work with friends who listen, understand, and believe in each other, have a power&pleasure to being with, and progressing with the same purpose.

Emrah Şener

Art Director & UI

At Garaj Sepeti you work with the right people, you will always be valued with your thoughts and encouraged to contribute to progress workflows. We always give importance to “trust” and celebrate success together.

Sedat Özgör

Senior Customer Experience Manager

Garaj Sepeti is where I always learn new things and experience new adventures.

Can Gerçek

Car Trade Online Sales Manager

Working at Garaj Sepeti means to me that being part of Turkey’s fastest expanding family which meets all needs of customers with a unique solution- partnerships and digitalizes the automotive sector.

Ali Güçcük

Dealer Regional Executive


Biggest 100 Internet Company - TR
Wired Europe's Hottest 100 Startup
Global Startup Awards Founder of the Year Final 4
2019 Best Startup 100 11th
2017-2018 Biggest 50 Acquisitions
Webrazzi The Best SAAS 2.

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