Turkey’s biggest
online auto company
Garaj Sepeti presents

1. Customer Marketplaces

Garaj Sepeti marketplaces developed in order to provide trustful and convenient car trade transactions.

2. Seller Platforms

Garaj Sepeti seller platforms aims to increase the efficiency and financial performance of dealers and other businesses.

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3. Enterprise Solutions

Garaj Sepeti big data driven enterprise solutions provide efficiency and profit to auto stakeholders.

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Garaj Sepeti at Press

Fast & Aggressive
Garaj Sepeti in only 2 years changed the dynamics of more than fifty year auto industry.

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Garaj Sepeti Acquired Araba.com
After essential investment news Garaj Sepeti performed inorganic growth with crucial acquisition.

June 8, 2018
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Tasit.com Acquired by Garaj Sepeti
According to today signed contract Tasit.com acquired by Garaj Sepeti

June 8, 2018
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